21 May 2008

Catching Up

Today I was trying to catch up on being out of town for the last two weeks for my research. My two biggest finds for the day were two Stilt Sandpipers (one is shown above, with a dowitcher) and three Whimbrel. These are both lifers for me, and both are very rare species for the area. My friend Keith, who has been birding in Cache Co. for over 20 years, says that he's only heard of two or three Stilt Sandpipers in that time, and Whimbrel also only about once every five years. Another highlight was a male Townsend's Warbler at Rendezvous Park. This species is generally a fall migrant in Utah and is pretty much unheard of in spring in Utah from what I have been able to find out.

I was also able to find a Bobolink that had been reported online, but I think I missed my shot at the Lewis's Woodpecker and Dunlin, at least this time around. Who knows, maybe more will show up, but it is quite possible that I won't get another chance at those two species this year. There are still several species that are around which I'm missing (see the growing "Coming Up Next" list to the right). I think if I work at it, there is a chance I'll be able to hit 200 by the end of the weekend. If nothing else, I'd really like to get to 200 before I leave for more fieldwork.

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