10 January 2008

New Camera

I've been locked indoors away from birds for the last week due to a horrible flu (or something) that really incapacitated me. I literally have not seen a bird in almost a week - I haven't even ventured as far as a window, and on my one trip outdoors to go to the doctor I was focusing too much on staying standing to even notice a house sparrow. Two bits of good news have come of this: first, I'm almost well enough to leave the house again, so I hope to add some new birds to the list this weekend. And second, as I was at home recovering yesterday I finally went ahead and bought the new camera I've been dreaming about for the last three years. It is a Nikon D80.

Ever since I bought a digital point-and-shoot camera in 2004 I have not touched my beautiful film SLR, a Nikon F100. I just couldn't stand to pay for the processing of pictures when I didn't even really know what they would look like. But I also couldn't quite bring myself to sell off the film camera, so I've only been shooting a point-and-shoot for the last several years. Now, I've sold the film SLR and bought a digital one (should be in the mail today), so I can re-enter the world of serious photography! That means you can look forward to better pictures on here, I hope, and fewer digiscoped blurs!

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birdchaser said...

Hope you are feeling better. Keep us posted on your year birds--and your fun new camera!